Mindfulness / La Concienciación
Mindfulness /La Concienciación
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Mindfulness includes physical and mental techniques for calming the nervous system and building flexibility, balance and strength.

Steps to Mindfulness:

Practice breathing 10 diaphragmatic breathes a day; reduces anxiety, calms the central nervous system.

¨   Instead of saying “I can’t”  change it to “I’m trying” or “I’m working on it”

¨   Move every 30 minutes

¨   Connect with nature

¨   Spend time in stillness

¨   Waiting time

¨   Visualization

¨   Start fresh after a “mistake”; reset with a breath, be present for the next try

¨   Beginner’s Mind; see the world the way your student does

¨   Practice, practice, practice and be patient!

¨   What went well?

¨   Acts of kindness

¨   Active listening

¨   Mindful eating

¨   Respond instead of react

¨   Disconnect to reconnect

¨   Know your “Happy Place”

¨   Positive affirmations