Enrichment Program

Enrichment Program

In keeping with our belief that all students are the possessors of unique talents and abilities, the purpose of the Lambertville Enrichment Program is not only to meet the needs of traditionally defined gifted students but also to develop and enrich the talents of all children. The program is broad in scope and flexible in implementation – addressing students at three levels:

1) Reaching all students through curriculum enhancement,

2) Working with identified gifted students in small groups on special study areas,

3) Providing the opportunity and support for gifted students to pursue special/independent projects.

The goals of Lambertville Public School District’s Enrichment/Gifted and Talented Program are:

  • To put forward programs that utilize opportunities for developing K-6 students' unique capabilities.
  • To encourage the development of independent thinking as well as acceptance of alternative points of view.
  • To increase independence, individuality, and self-direction in learning.
  • To expand on ideas and knowledge present in the regular curriculum.
  • To present high-interest supplementary and alternative experiences which challenge students’ perception, interpretation, expression and reflection. These experiences include, but are not limited to, all five art forms: visual arts, dance, music, theater, and creative writing.
  • To develop complex, abstract, and higher-level cognitive processes.
  • To develop problem-solving and decision making abilities.
  • To provide cooperative activities between students, classes, grades, schools, and with the community at large, that may extend beyond the classroom.

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