Extracurricular Activities



Advisors - Kaitlyn Flynn (WAS) & Erika Krimm (LPS)

Elementary band is under the direction of Mrs. Flynn (WAS) and Mrs. Krimm (LPS). It is an optional course for students in grades 4-6, designed to introduce students to the rehearsal and performance requirements of an instrumental ensemble. Emphasis is placed on developing
correct technique on a band instrument as well as reading and interpreting music notation.

Students will attend one small group lesson with instruments and one full ensemble rehearsal per week. Lessons are pull-out and take place on a rotating basis, while rehearsals are at a set time. Band occurs for the duration of the school year with typically one winter and one spring concert.

Advisors - Kaitlyn Flynn (WAS) & Erika Krimm (LPS)

Elementary chorus is under the direction of Mrs. Flynn (WAS) and Mrs. Krimm (LPS). It is an optional course for students in grades 4-6, designed to introduce students to the rehearsal and performance requirements of a vocal ensemble. Emphasis is placed on developing correct vocal
technique, vocal health, ear training and reading music notation. Students will attend one rehearsal per week with their grade level. Chorus occurs for the duration of the school year, with typically one winter and one spring concert.

Coding Club
Advisor - Alanna Jenkins

The goal of Coding Club at the elementary level is designed to give students the experience to look at coding at a deeper level. The students are provided with the tools necessary to participate in hands-on and digital activities to teach computer science. Coding Club is open to
students 2nd to 6th graders and runs in Winter/Spring. Hope to see you at the Coding Club!

Crazy 8’s Math Club
Advisors - Donna McKee and Haley Isabella

Crazy 8’s Math club for students in grades 4-5 at West Amwell School and grades 2-3 at West Amwell School and Lambertville Public School. Crazy 8’s is funded by Bedtime Math Foundation, a private nonprofit  organization dedicated to putting the fun and discovery back into learning
math. A major goal of Crazy 8’s is to make math a fun and recreational part of life for kids and their friends. This is a fun and exciting kind of math club where students build exciting things and learn new games they can play at home.

Girls on the Run
Advisor - Taylor LaBau (Head Coach) & Assistant Coaches

Girls on the Run offers programs designed to inspire girls of all abilities to recognize and embrace their inner strength and make meaningful connections with others. Students form positive relationships and participate in a culminating 5K.

Lego Robotics
Advisor - Przemyslaw Kowalewski

As part of the LEGO Robotics Club, 3rd through 8th grade students will have an opportunity to explore the world of robotic engineering and real world problem solving skills as designed by the FIRST LEGO League. Working in teams students will build and program an autonomous SPIKE
Robot that will perform specific skills on a game mat. Likewise, in teams students will work on developing a solution related to a real world problem stemming from this year’s game theme.

This club is a wonderful introduction to real world application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in addition to fostering collaboration, respect and creativity.

Safety Patrol
Advisor - Morgan Scozzari (WAS) & Nahed Andraos (LPS)

Sixth grade students have the opportunity to demonstrate responsibility and leadership skills, as a model for the entire school. Safety patrollers ensure safety in the hallways, on the buses, and beyond. This program runs every day for the entire school year.

Science Olympiad
Advisor - Martha Kubik

Science Olympiad is a team competition in which students compete in events pertaining to various fields of science, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Each year, South Hunterdon students compete against teams from around the state each week.

Student Council - LPS
Advisor: Alexa Kinney

LPS Student Council is open to all students in grades 2-6! Student Council meets once a month during lunch/recess time to plan school spirit days and to organize philanthropy events (LLS PJ Day fundraiser, Socktober for Fisherman's Mark, and so many more!).

Students of Character Club - WAS
Advisor - Jaimie Doran

Sixth grade students collaborate to create and present monthly character education topics. Club members also plan school spirit events and themed days. Working closely with the School Counselor, this group promotes positive culture and climate in the school.

Talent Show
Advisor - Alanna Jenkins (WAS) & Shannon Birckhead, Megan Carducci, Victoria Marley (LPS)

The talent show is an opportunity for students to showcase what they love to do at an evening show in the springtime. Students get the chance to show us their dance skills, singing abilities, instruments, tricks, or other unique skills they have! The talent show is always a crowd favorite.

Tutorial Program
Advisor - Jane-Ellen Lennon 
The Afterschool Tutorial Program is designed to support students with grade-level content in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. The program is open to all general education students. Students enrolled will attend for up to an hour once a week after school in small group settings facilitated by school staff members. This is offered to all general education students in grades K-6.
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